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Thalassemias The hemoglobin molecule is composed of heme and globulin.  Globin Chains:   Are consists of four polypeptide chains: two alpha ...
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Case study (32) – Primary thrombocythemia  ( myeloproliferative disorder)
Case study (32) – Primary thrombocythemia  ( myeloproliferative disorder)   A 76-year-old woman has a history of gradual coldness and numbne...
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 Hematology laboratory safety
Hematology laboratory safety   Even before diagnostic procedures, safety is an important part of laboratory practice.  Not only in the hemat...
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Case study (31) – Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency
Case study (31) – Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency   A 34-year-old man has a history of chronic anemia that was improved by an operation at the ag...
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