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Hematology laboratory requisitions requirements

Hematology laboratory requisitions requirements

To ensure requisitions are accurately identified with the required information. To define the acceptance criteria and rejection criteria for requisitions for optimum patient safety.


A document, paper, or electronic, that contains information that accurately identifies the patient and the tests that the physician has requested.

Acceptable Criteria for Requisitions

The requisition shall contain sufficient information to uniquely identify the patient, the ordering physician, and the requested test analysis. The following elements shall be included:

1. Patient’s last and first name, sex, and Date of birth.

2. Medical record number.

3. Name and address or another suitable identifier of the physician or authorized person ordering the test.

4. Patient location if an inpatient.

5. Tests requested.

6. A priority of collection or time for collection if it is a timed order.

7. Chief Symptom or Complaint.

8. If a sample is submitted with the requisition the information on both must be identical.

9. If a sample is submitted with the requisition time and date of specimen collection shall be on the request

10. If a sample is submitted with the requisition the name or initials of the sampler collector shall be on the request

11. Source of a specimen.

12. Clinical information.

13. Initials of phlebotomists.

Rejection Consequences:

- Communication will be provided to the ordering health care professional to fill the missing information.